Ocean Floor

Skills: Playful



Breaking through the surface, rays of sunlight awaken the ocean floor, igniting activity and colour. A school of fish dive, their silver scales catching and reflecting the sun as their small bodies move together as one. The tentacles of fire coral open to wave in the current, as tube coral holds its place with patience. An engaging painting, bringing with it the life and beauty of a healthy ecosystem.


Name: Ocean Floor
Size: 35.5” x 27.5”
Painter: Jennifer Paliga
Original handmade acrylic painting on traditional wrapped canvas
Style: Traditional, Representational


Should you prefer a different colour composition or size, you may have a in kind piece created. Once your request has been confirmed by the artist, in three weeks time, you will receive an image of the finished piece for acceptance. Should you cancel the order at this time, a full money refund will be given. Should you provide approval at this time, the piece will be shipped directly to you.


Specific shipping cost to be confirmed based on location upon purchase and/or request.
Will be packaged with the utmost care, a process that takes between 3 – 6 weeks. Insurance on shipment is mandatory.
All artwork will ship “ready to hang”


Please send any inquiries or custom requests to: jennifer@jenniferpaliga.com